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Information ... The secret weapon for success!

Considering the fluctuations that occur constantly in the economic environment, companies need tools to ensure the foundation and support for decision making and ensuring the strengthening market positioning, as well as information enters a "secret weapon" that can ensure that decisions take certain companies achieve their goals.

Information has as much importance as the financial capital or human capital, for where such capital would be invested, what decisions would be taken by the managers, if there is a range of information and guides on which to base the best way forward.
Thus it is understood that the information needs of management as an efficient, objective, clear and concise as the other productive resources within organizations, making it the device that will streamline the use and employment of these resources in order to generate benefits for company.

However, the way information is interpreted will depend on its quality and ability of managers to make use of the best choices of options, enabling greater success, the most appropriate alternative. This is because there are several sources that spread a great number of information, so we can consider as a source, from a simple informal discussion among managers, which can not be a reliable source, to the reports that are issued by the comptroller or the other sectors of organization. Following this concept, it is interesting to organizations having a structured Management Information System (GIS), management information systems are responsible for interpreting the data, transforming it into information needed to manage all internal and external sectors combined, all companies, such information is used to support decisions, integrating the results in a balanced manner for the balance of the organization.

In this context, managers should look for information outside their organizations, ie, should use a systemic and not only look within the company but have information about the external environment surrounding the organization, so we have a visionclear about what is relevant since variations in the market, suppliers, potential customers, regulatory agencies, and even the society as a whole.
The favorable information and ensures the success of the work of managers, since filtered and refined, with its use is possible that the administration carry out their professional duties with a high degree of accuracy, relevance and achieving the expected purposes.
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