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Human relationship at work put into practice

Most of us who live and work in large cities throughout the world spend most of our time and life within a company – be it an office, a shop counter, a workshop, and so on – what can represent at least 60% of our day at work, having lunch nearby and commuting from home to work and back home again.

On a monthly basis it means that, excluding work and sleep time, on average we may have only 25% of the available hours for ourselves in order to do whatever we want to or to be with whomever we wish to.

Having said that, if most of us spend that much time with people that we did not choose to be with, it is important to make this common living as pleasant and friendly as possible, otherwise we will have though times.

For sure there are many ways to do so. What you are about to read are some tips that anyone can put into practice at any time and experience great and immediate results.

* Admit that you have failed or made a mistake cannot and should not be faced as a sign of weakness by anyone. On the opposite, above all, it shows a great deal of maturity, professionalism and humility on the sense that everybody has limits and no one has all the answers in all situations and occasions;

* Recognition for other people’s work or achievement – be them your co-workers, colleagues or employees – should not be neglected or forgotten. Give credit where credit is due;

* As stated on the above paragraph, no one has all the answers for every occasion and solution for everything. So, if you are in doubt or is not completely sure about what to do in certain circumstances, do not be ashamed to ask for other people’s opinion or standpoint;

* Offer a helping hand whenever you notice someone is in need. Do not wait to be asked for help, be proactive;

* Do not ever forget to say a simple but hugely valuable “thank you”. It does not matter if you are the leader of a group, the CEO or a newcomer. Thank people means you respect others and this behaviour has nothing to do with the titles you may or may not posses or your position within the organization chart;

* Some people have a strong tendency to acknowledge only to himself the achievements and blame on others the faults. Please, do not do this;

* Any organization is made up of a group of people gathered to achieve a common goal. So, if the goal is met or surpassed it is everybody’s conquest or victory. If it is not, there is no use to blame it on somebody or make a witch quest. It is just a sign that “the group” needs improvement.

As you see, the tips are very simple to apply and I am sure you will be astonished with the results they can bring to your work relationship and environment.

Just try it.
CEO Outllok, A era da liderança resiliente. Confira os Resultados.