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Differentiating “Leadership” and “Manafership”

v Managership is a science and an art.
Leadership is a quality! v

Managership has realistic propositions. Leadership has vision! v

Managership has to do with facts. Leadership

has to do with faith! v Managership provides control. Leadership provides direction! v Managership thrives for the job well done. Leadership thrives on opportunity! v Managership directs people. A Leader is an enabler! v Head in Management! Head in Leadership! v Managers are concerned whit the present. Leader look to the future! v Managers make sure details are taken care of. Leader set broad purposes and di-rections! v Managers exercise control to make sure things work better. Leaders create com-mitment that things may work better! v Managers solve todays problems by addressing difficulties caused by changing events. Leaders create a better future by seizing opportunities stimulated by changing events! v Managers focus on the process. Leaders focus on the product! v Managers focus on the problem behavior and try to improve it through counsel-ing, coaching and nurturing. Leaders focus on what is going right and praise it! v Managers make sure people put in an honest days work for the pay. Leaders in-spire people to do their best! v Managers organize and plan to meet this years objectives. Leaders create a vision of the years down the road! v Managers create efficient policies and standard operations procedures. Leaders go beyond the need for standard procedures and create a more efficient system! v Managers focus on efficiency. Leaders focus on effectiveness! v Management is a bottom-line focus: How can I best accomplish certain things? Leadership deals with the top line: What are the things I want to accomplish? Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership deter-mines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall. (Capoeira, G., Leadership MBA, Singapore, 2002)
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